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Be optimistic that you are investing your resources, your self-confidence, and your precious energy into something that will have a sustainable outcome.

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Action planet Mars is currently making your life sweaty and exciting as it transits through your sign. Mars will harmonize with Saturn, the planet of commitment, finding you putting in the elbow grease to make your beliefs come to life. This will be most strongly felt early Thursday morning, as your beliefs and strongest convictions directly influence how you react to your immediate environment. You will be standing up for what you believe in. Connect with old friends this weekend as retrograde messenger Mercury gently harmonizes with Mars.

Mercury enters Sagittarius

Remembering your old connections and reaching out to them gives you the wherewithal to get things done. Avoid overcommitting midweek: As the sun connects with expansive Jupiter, you will be feeling very generous with your time. As Thursday morning draws near, your loyalty to your community pays off. Saturn, the planet of commitment, will harmonize with action planet Mars, galvanizing you and your partners towards group action. This Mercury retrograde has you refining your beliefs and remembering older lessons learned.

On Thursday evening, you realize your accumulated knowledge as the sun meets retrograde Mercury. Pisces season and tax season go together like peanut butter and jelly for you, Leo.

Minerva's Sunday horoscope: 9/15/19

Wednesday is also a sexy day for you, as the sun squares off with generous Jupiter across your houses of sex and pleasure. Your commitment to your daily routine pays off as you are asked to perform this week. With action planet Mars in your house of career harmonizing with Saturn, the planet of loyalty, on Thursday morning, nothing will stop you from moving forward with your job.

This Mercury retrograde brings old friends and missed connections back into the picture. On Thursday evening, when the sun meets the retrograde messenger planet, you will pay more attention to past partners—their presence will be highlighted and demand your respect. When Mercury squares off with expansive Jupiter on Friday evening, forgiveness is on the table as you reflect on how these interpersonal connections affect your perception and memory of your personal history.

Mercury retrograde allows for these adjustments to be made in your relationships, and Pisces season is a healing time. Midweek, you are on top of your email game, dear Libra. With the sun squaring expansive Jupiter on Wednesday evening, you are making responsiveness your business.

Qualities of People born in March

You're not the kind of person who lets social conventions dictate how you live your life, but it would be nice if you could pull that off without being such an asshole. The FBI will have to ask you some tough questions next week, such as whether true love really exists and what happens after we die. You've tried everything you can think of to get that special person to like you, which of course explains why you're fleeing a nationwide manhunt.

It turns out there are actually plenty of problems you can't solve with a smile, a sincere heartfelt talk, or a large, heavy piece of lumber. In hard economic times like these, people tend to spend more money on booze and entertainment, but they don't have to as long as you're there to go into hilarious convulsions after drinking wood alcohol. They say you can never step into the same river twice, but thanks to crocodiles and your refusal to learn how to swim, once is all you'll need. You thought you were powerless to deny a pretty face, but damn, not when it's sitting on top of, like, pounds of blubber.

Everyone has a part to play in God's plan.

For instance, your job is to create a distraction so that God can get away with the money in all the confusion. And since Taurus is a fixed sign — better known as stubborn — and an Earth sign, it is more difficult to let go and change. Just as the Sabian Symbol describes at the end of this post, this is a moment to live and work in community for the common good.

With this Full Moon you realize that in order to overcome obstacles and conquer that obscure territory in front of you, you must join forces with others that have the same goal and motivations as you do.

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This are alliances of power, complementary relationships — one has what the other lacks — and create a powerful mechanism which is difficult to destroy. The same goes for the other. That way, both can unite to complete a whole that helps both to achieve a goal. These alliances can be of two or more people, of course, but they are successful only if each one knows where they shine and where they need help, when they know their strengths and weaknesses.

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  5. This Full Moon shows which are your fears, your inner demons, your mechanisms of self-deceit. That which must die gives you a false sense of security and certainty. Now you have grown enough to shed your skin and let go that which has already served its purpose. The New Moon, the total darkness of the night, represents all the potential of the planted seed. This is the moment to initiate new intentions and new plans.


    Slowly but surely it will grow. That moment of crisis in your relationships helped to balance the relationship you have with yourself. Everything you begin now will reveal its results in the next Full Moon in Aries, on October 15, The Aries-Libra polarity promotes to have healthy relationships with others without losing your own identity nor your independence. Use your instinct to trace new forms of projecting yourself to others: a new image or look, something new in your life to explore, or a new potential to develop. Be careful not to be impulsive nor egocentric.

    Full Moon in Virgo: Horoscopes for the Week of February 22nd ~ Chani Nicholas

    Now is the time to set strong footings for yourself so you can create strong ties with others. Since prehistoric times people looked at symbols in nature as divine messages. It can be positive or negative. An augur was a priest who practiced divination in Ancient Rome. The augurs constituted one of the four main colleges of priests and were consulted by political leaders. This was an official and lifetime position.

    One of the most used divination methods used by augurs was the auspicium or the observation of the flight of the birds. It will be visible in most parts of Asia, Australia and the Americas.